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What are the advantages of Bio-Diesel for a country like India?

Bio-Diesel has been more attractive recently because of its environmental benefits and the fact that it is made from renewable sources and can be prepared locally. Since India is deficient in consumable oils, therefore, the non-consumable oil like Karanjia, Jatropha, etc. could be the desirable source for India for the production of bio-diesel. These plants could be grown on unused land, about 80 million hectares of which is available in India. These crops grow in the dry and semi-dry regions and require almost no post plantation management and care. Since all most all the consumable is available in the rural and economically underdeveloped region, the large-scale bio-diesel production has enormous potential for employment and development of these areas.

Advantages of UR Diesel


Cost Benefit

As of now, biofuels cost the same in the market as gasoline does. However, the overall cost benefit of using them is much higher. They are cleaner fuels, which means they produce fewer emissions on burning.

Easy To Source

Gasoline is refined from crude oil, which happens to be a non-renewable resource. Although current reservoirs of gas will sustain for many years, they will end sometime in near future.


Most of the fossil fuels will expire and end up in smoke one day. Since most of the sources like manure, corn, switchgrass, soyabeans, waste from crops and plants are renewable and are not likely to run out any time soon, making the use of biofuels efficient in nature. These crops can be replanted again and again.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Fossil fuels, when burnt, produce large amount of greenhouse gases i.e. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases trap sunlight and cause planet to warm. The burning of coal and oil increases the temperature and causes global warming.

Economic Security

Not every country has large reserves of crude oil. For them, having to import the oil puts a huge dent in the economy. If more people start shifting towards biofuels, a country can reduce its dependance on fossil fuels. More jobs will be created with a growing biofuel industry, which will keep our economy secure.

Reduce Dependance on Foreign Oil

While locally grown crops has reduce the nation’s dependance on fossil fuels, many experts believe that it will take a long time to solve our energy needs. As prices of crude oil is touching sky high, we need some more alternative energy solutions to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels.


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